The Urban Wildlands Group

The Urban Wildlands Group is dedicated to the protection of species, habitats, and ecological processes in urban and urbanizing areas.


Habitat Protection and Restoration: Waterview Landscaping Project at LAX (El Segundo Dunes)


Panel will rule on dispute over LAX landscaping (Daily Breeze, 3/7/01)

California Coastal Commission staff report on Waterview landscaping project (4/10/02)

Airport beautification project uprooted (Daily Breeze, 4/16/02)

UWG letter to LAX offering assistance in developing restoration plan for Waterview site (7/22/02)

LAX trees in holding pattern (Daily Breeze, 9/1/02)

UWG Letter to California Coastal Commission commenting on proposed LAX palm removal and restoration plan (9/3/02)

Solution for palm tree error accepted (Daily Breeze, 11/13/04)

LAX gets OK for palm pullout (Daily Breeze, 2/21/05)


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