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Laguna Mountain Skipper


UWG, through our collaboration The Butterfly Project with Moorpark College, researched the feasibility of captive rearing for the endangered Laguna Mountain Skipper. Please see details in our final report below.


Johnson, J., T. Longcore, A. Clause, A. Lansing, D. Renner, A. Romero, B. Messerschmidt, B. Pickett, P. Kores, and K. Courtney. Captive Rearing of Laguna Mountain Skipper (Pyrgus ruralis lagunae): Final Report. Los Angeles: The Urban Wildlands Group (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Cooperative Agreement No. 814307J024). 26 pp. (September 8, 2010).

Mattoni, R., and T. Longcore. Field studies and conservation planning for the endangered Laguna Mountains Skipper Pyrgus ruralis lagunae. Los Angeles, Urban Wildlands Group, UCLA Depart-ment of Geography (October 6, 1998).